Friday, February 5, 2016

Getting down!

I've been wanting to do some macro photo's but don't have a macro lens so used my 50mm and it's sharp as can be but I forgot a lot of what your to do when doing this kind of work with a camera, you have to be on the same plane, not tilted but straight on with the subject meaning that if there is a wall you have to be perpendicular to it same goes if its laying on the ground must be looking straight down on it (....) well not what I did anyway I took the photo and now I turned it into a B/W photo so that I could hide some of this fact.

Anyway anyone that does come here will not jump up and down over this but I like the learning that I did on this subject including the mistakes, don't know everything! Or forget a lot!

 It looks like I added grain to the photo but it's the sand and the sharping that makes it look so grainy!

You be the judge Ha!

Have a good day!

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