Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snow Canyon project photo's and ramblings

Since Snow Canyon is so close to my home I go there a lot to walk and to see if I can get some photos that I can work on and learn some of the new stuff that I want to learn (Photoshop stuff).

The stuff that I'm trying to learn this week is to blend two photo's together is what is called a focus stacking or focus blending to end up with a sharp photo from bottom to top.

First off I'm using a Nikon 14-24mm lens that's sharp from bottom to top anyway but if you have a subject that's really close at the bottom of the photo (like this tree, or using the 24mm end) you can use this option to create an image that's sharp from top to bottom with this technique, and it's fun to learn, I'm finding out.

 I'm looking foreword to coming to this spot when it rains or snows down here which is what its suppose to do today.

This little area has a water falls that's about 50-100 feet high and would look nice (I hope) as a photo of this area, also this area has some potholes that collect water and grooves that the water after years of moving through have made it a almost groovy river scene (without water its just a big slickrock area).

Well, Thanks for looking

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