Sunday, October 23, 2016

I'm back! Been learning something else so...

I've been learning guitar and its fun but the camera is the most fun for me cuss it's personal and gets me out of my head..

Sooo! Here are a bunch of new photo's with this new to me lens that's 20+ years old, it seems like that's the amount of years that most of my lenses are .... anyway here goes.

These are portraits and I'm not a portrait person but they are fun to view and these are special to me...

Thanks for looking

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pre-dawn Kolob area

A friend of mine and I went out to shoot some star shots and ended up staying up all night taking photo's and in the pre-dawn hours that followed we captured some nice photo's of the waking of the day .... So with out farther ado here they are.

Looks rather dark to me here but a early morning shot in the back country

A little later in the morning, misquitoes were bad 

Well another nice photo opportunity  

Monday, June 6, 2016

Spent a day in Kanarraville Ut

I've been looking at this place for a while now and a friend came to town and I got the chance to take him out to this place or I should say he took me, I drove he drove me to hike up to the falls and beyond, it's an interesting place as I'm going to show you so here goes!

 This is the first thing you see when you get there but it's even better farther on!

 I was trying to get around the next corner but there were many people shooting there so I turned around and took this. 

This what I was trying to get to before the other shot nice Huh!

Another point of view 

This where we were headed to it's called Kanarra Falls, I'm going back to wait for different light next time this is nice but I've got different idea's now. 

 This is just above that falls, nice Huh! 

We ended the hike here since I had to go home to do some work, darn! 

Same shot vertical 

Well this was a long one but it was fun to go and see, I'm going back to do some more one of these days, the crowds are terrible at this time of year so I'll wait for a while then go again ....

Take care

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another star shot to learn from

I seem to be my worst critique but still I need more time to learn the whole idea of taking a star shot and processing a star shot so here is the one that I just did.... enjoy ...

 Kolob under a partial moon with milk!

Well, take care

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spent another day up in Zion (fun!)

I spent a day up in Zion riding to bus system it was crowded and fun at the same time if you can find fun in a crowd, people that are on vacation are fun to be around there always happy and asking questions, met some from NV, Chicago, even met a man from Turkey and spent the afternoon with him taking photo's and talking.

Well! Here we go with the photo's

 I love this tree and want to go back after a rain to see the waterfalls in full tilt boogie

 This view I couldn't pass by, don't really like the contrails but will come back to shoot it again without them.

This is a photo of the organ grinder with the great white throne behind it. 

Another nice day in life ...


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Favorite place to go (Kolob Reservoir rd)

Last night I went to Kolob Reservoir Rd and to a place that I have scouted out to see what it would be like for late night shooting, I was also trying to understand my camera and this lens and I'll be darned if I didn't get it right. Well, here are a couple of the shots that I took last night.

Went up there because of the clouds that were hanging around and when I got there they disappeared so had to make do with the moon :)

 Well that's all for today.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Went to Hilldale, Ut (Water Canyon)

Been wanting to go to this spot for a while now and yesterday finally went, I've heard that it's not to crowded but yesterday was not one of those days.
It's a nice place and a trudge to get to although I'll probably do it again and do the upper half which I didn't do because I slipped on some of the black algae and hit my knee really hard so didn't want to take the chance of it going bad, got home and it seems fine, but.

This is what I went there for.

Not perfect because of all the mud that the people stomped around but! 

This is a photo I saw on the way in and wanted to take one of it this was cool since it was taken hand-held which is hard for me cuss I shake, what do you think?

Take Care

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

White Rocks (Snow Canyon) Ampitheather

I went out last night after work and took some late night shots, thought the clouds were going to hang around but they diminished but left a couple to see.

It was a nice night and I enjoyed the hike out there but there were a couple of nice women out there also taking photo's of them selves it was interesting any who! Made my old mind work!

This a place I've been to and wanted to go back to so I did and now I want to go back again because of photo's like this....

I'm also getting to enjoy getting back in the swing of things photographically and that's fun! So!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chuckwalla Trail area (St George, Ut)

I've been out here hiking last week and it's a pretty area with rock climbing, biking and hiking and fun for taking dogs for hike.
Without much more ado! Here is a close to night shot, it was hazier than I thought but created some really cool colors.

The sunstar was the extra cool thing!

There are more from this area but I have not got the time now cuss that dirty four letter word is happening (WORK) 


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Pineview Peak view

I love this area it's easy to get to and uncrowded and this view is out standing in my book when the Milkyway is out this is a nice place to be...

Looks dark again must calibrate my monitor, well it's here now so enjoy!

Take care

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Been missing posting...

I have been working a lot and not getting out much since my friend came down... so thought I'd post a couple to make me feel like I'm keeping up.

 Moonlit night under the stars

Bleeding yellow!

Down in the Valley so low! 

Well that's it folks 
Thanks for stopping bye! 


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Zion with bad weather

I had a friend come down and we went to Zion NP this last weekend and found the weather to be lacking but ended up being very interesting and fun ...... here is one of the shots

Muddy water along with some light
It looks dark too me not the way I thought it was ... any way what do you think?


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Snow Canyon after the rains

Just a quick one for testing proposes, went out to Snow Canyon and after the rains from the last couple of days there is a lot of standing water on the rocks which leads to some nice photos....

Some nice colors

Post more later
Take care 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Flowers are a coming out!

Went up to my closest State park (Snow Canyon) and went looking for flowers and their just not ready yet but there close, so I took a couple of them and once again I love sitting in the dirt or sand trying to make a photo out of the flowers that are so close to the ground that setting up is harder than taking the photo, but worth every minute of it.....

 Don't know the name of these flowers but it's a nice bunch

 Here is one more that I think is a weed, but fun to shoot and see ...

Got more but don't have the time to do them yet must get sleep have to work tomorrow.

Monday, April 4, 2016

On Top!

I love Black and White photo's there is something about them that make me think and sometimes feel like I want to figure out what they are all about ..... So here is one that I took and converted to B/W

What do you think and feel?

 On top of the rock, living life

Just another one of the same area and a different prospective
Thanks for looking 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hoodoo City the King Hoodoo

Headed up to Kolob Terrace road on a day when the sun wasn't to good but found a spot or two that looked good so took a small hike in and took this and a couple of others but this is the best of the bunch for now so a short post just to see what it looks like on screen.

This is the King Hoodoo 

The Flowers are coming out

 Snow canyon rainy day

Just a quick post 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hiking up to the East Temple loop

Interesting day of hiking, started up the Zion overlook and then went up (1000 feet) to the saddle of the East Temple and then on down to the bottom of Pine Creek.

It was suppose to be a 2-4 hour hike but I didn't know or remember how the hike went so I wandered around and finally found my way out of this canyon, it was a day full of things going wrong but right, if you can understand that. It took me over 6 hrs to get through to the bottom of the Pine Creek exit.

This is looking down at the switch back going up to the east side of Zion

The saddle looking up at the East Temple  

Looking north Hepworth Canyon I think!

Same as above just portrait view

Different spot I found by going the wrong way

 Looking east toward the way out but had to find the right spot to go down

Bottom in sight, beautiful view

Getting closer to the bottom I like this one lots of colors, and it was getting dark

Found this on the way out funny looking oil in the sand it seem to glow

Well thanks for going along on this journey with me, 
Take care 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A quick post

Been gone for a while, sent my camera in for a check up and got it back last night and so ran out to snow canyon to see how it measures up to before.

Low lit sun shot

Just one more from today! 

Take care 

Monday, February 29, 2016

Spent the day take naps and taking photo's nice day!

I continue to learn more about humility and the art of photography as I use this new camera and lenses that continue to baffle me, it's hard to be humble when I thought I knew so much but here goes another day and a couple more learning photo's....

Waiting for the colors, didn't happen 

Even their flowers have thorns 

Well the end of another day of learning and having fun! 
Take care 

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