Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Etched In Time

Wandering around the State Park here in St George I found some Indian Petroglyphs and thought I'd spend a little time in a time in the past and take some photo's of it.

I love spending time outside and what better way to do it than taking photo's .... as I spent the time I found that I wondered about these and what it was like back in the old day's when this little canyon was a hunting ground or living area for these people.... so here is the Etched In Time photo ...

This was a fun day and I like how it came out since I've been hating this lens but found out that it's not the lenses fault but mine for not know as much as I think I do .... End of that story I learned that I have to sharpen a lot more aggressively and so this is the best I can do ...
Sorry about the contrails in the sky but as you know life goes on..

But then life goes on here is a photo taken the same day but at night, I went to the Red Cliff Reserve to a little area called Yellow Knolls Trailhead, didn't know much about it but wanted to take a photo of these mounds at night with startrails sooo! Here is my rendition of Startrails Yellow Knolls...

 One more photo that was fun to take

I've started to get back into taking photo's instead of pixel peeping them because now I know that my camera and lenses are good, for awhile I thought that I had a dud but not to be the only dud is the guy behind the camera and lens.... 

Take care

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