Saturday, October 28, 2017

I love Zion NP (Fall Colors)

This has been a year of Zion NP for me and it's been fun, right now the colors up there are great and I have taken the opportunity to go and record some of them, so with out farther ado here are some from recent weekends.

It was a colorful year for me to be there, been waiting for the whole summer for these days.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Natures stuff

Went to Zion NP today and spent some time in the park and up in the east side of the park also, it was a nice day to be out a little cool and windy in the morning but ended up being really quite nice.

So I up on the East side I found that the leaves were turning color and it's getting pretty up there so spent some time trying my hand at taking close ups of some of the leaves, so here are the results.

Take a look closely at this photo (above) there are a lot of things going on in it! 

Well I'm not kinding the colors are popping up here in Zion NP.
Enjoy the Autumnal time of the year 


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Been away for a while again (photo time!)

Been working and playing and not on the ball as far as putting photo's up, I have many that I'll put up in the next couple of day's .... so here goes

This is the Narrow's day with an old friend.

Well, Hope you all enjoy them, it was a fine day out here and I'm going to do it again soon.


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Observation point hike (Zion again)

On Sunday I took a hike that I've been wanting to do for a while, it's up in Zion National Park near Weeping Rock, it's a long hike going 2100 vertical feet up and takes in 4 miles of hiking along a steep switch back to the top of Observation point.

There are many views on this hike it's wonderful hike, although I would do it in the spring or fall when the temperatures are down to a nicer feeling temp.

Well here are a few of the photo's that I took on the way up and on the way down.

This is looking down into Echo Canyon and out into the Zion proper 

And this is Echo canyon above that deep gorge above. 

This is one of the views to the top 

This was part of what I saw on the hike, it was really hot up there and took a lot out of me.

Take care 

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Night shooting with the Nikon 24mm PC-e

I have done some night shooting in the past and like it a lot but do to the price of the Nikon 14-24 and the protruding nature of the glass I sold it and moved on to other lenses and became ok with not doing night photography.

I have since purchased some tilt shift lenses and really like them they make me take time to shoot instead of the faster pace of other lenses.

So the reason for this post is I took the 24mm PC-e out for some night shooting to see if it would be good enough for the purpose, and have found that it did OK, not great but OK!  So here is one of the shots that I took last night.

 Now the light was coming from the moon and it eat up the stars so the stars are not as bright 
But not bad, I say. 

This one was taken earlier a test shot, the sky was just bland but I liked it so here it is.

Well another posted blab from me.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fire down here in Brianhead/Cedar Breaks area

Boy! We've got a fire down here, the area is full of smoke and it looks like it might not get better soon since the area of the fire has so many dead trees from the beetles that were killing them off.

So I headed to Zion of course would you think differently about my habits, No! The drive down at that time of morning wasn't looking to bad till I got to the last turn into the canyon then the smoke and haze were bad.
I had an idea of what I wanted to take photo's of so headed up to the Museum to see what the heck I could do, and here are the few that I took till the sun came up and the smoke came down with the wind.

 And this one was a little later with some light on the scene 

Well, which one is the one you like? 
So take care and enjoy today


Sunday, June 18, 2017

All around the Angels Landing (Zion NP)

Well, I'm posting more but my images aren't as good as they use to be I think! But they aren't bad just not as practiced as I was when traveling, and also I expect to get great pictures all the time Ha! Jokes on me!

Yesterday was a hot one down here and so I grabbed my shorts and water shoes and went to Zion NP for the day, the water over there was nice about 60 degrees and the water was running at 60 feet per second which a month ago it was up to 300 fps so easier for me to stay standing ...

Now that I've got the news done let me show you some photo's ...

 Angels Landing from the ground
Orange sky reflecting off the other side of this shot
 Across the street monolith

  This was the way I saw the world yesterday it was fun and the water was cool on a nice hot day, so have a great fathers day day! And see you soon I hope with more photo's

Take care 

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