Monday, May 22, 2017

Living close to Zion you get Zion!

Well, had a great weekend and tomorrow I'm off to work again, it's ok since I had such a fine weekend. I visited Zion National park because this will be the last weekend before the masses come and take over the place, it was not busy and also made for a nice weekend.

I've got a fun toy again and learning how to use it is fun, it's the first lens that I have owned that I will not get rid of (that's a lie, the first one, 135mm is also my joy) but I don't take this one off the camera.

That said here goes again!

 This one I thought wasn't going to work but looks nice 
 Another one that I thought wouldn't look good 

 They really do something different when they put these on here they don't look like these on my screen!
Angel's landing from below

  Well, as you can see it was a nice weekend for shooting in Zion, not many people and lots of fine things to shoot, thanks for looking...... 

Lynn Ross

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A new day, at Zion National park

Well, its been a while since I last updated, I'm going to be doing more again because it's summer and I have a big Bucket list to get done this summer Soooo! Here goes.

Since the last time I posted I've had a heart attack and it's not slowed me down to much but the doctors have me doing a lot of rehab and I'm getting strong again, so off I go.

I drew out a permit to do the subway hike from the top down, I'm really excited to do this, I've done it from the bottom up but not the top down, I've conned a few folks into coming with me, hope we do it in style (not bad style good style like make it) Ha!

Well, enough BS here goes .....

 Saw this reflection and had to try to get a photo of it. 

I've tried to get this one for years but haven't got one, now I do! 

 This one I think is called Minuet Falls 

Well, just a short note today and I hope I can keep this up. 


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