Monday, February 29, 2016

Spent the day take naps and taking photo's nice day!

I continue to learn more about humility and the art of photography as I use this new camera and lenses that continue to baffle me, it's hard to be humble when I thought I knew so much but here goes another day and a couple more learning photo's....

Waiting for the colors, didn't happen 

Even their flowers have thorns 

Well the end of another day of learning and having fun! 
Take care 

Friday, February 26, 2016

The rest of the images fom Smith Mesa

I had a couple that were lurking in the back of my mind and had to get to them today before going to work sooo! Here they are.

Wish the sky was not so blue but I will go back and shoot this again

This one is the same to much blue but a nice frame to it

Well have a nice day thanks for looking

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Back up to Smith Mesa to do things I thought would be fun

Had some idea's about what I wanted to do up there and so went and I'll be darn I did most of the things that I wanted to do ...

I climbed down in a deep wash in the rocks, and shot a cactus that I saw the other day, and did a night time shot that was fun. Sooo! here goes!

Little dark Huh! Not on my screen

Cute Huh! 

Well that's all for tonight but have two more to do tomorrow so see ya then. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Smith Mesa view far away Zion NP

I wanted to go to this place up on Kolob Reservoir road called Smith Mesa and take a look around to see what I could find for some moon light night shots, I found many things that got me excited and now have to wait for a day off which will be Wed/Thur so I'll go and spend the night up there with the moon and the stars....
Here is a fast shot from today so that I didn't come home empty handed .. just another B/W ...

Well made it big Huh!

Take care 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Last night in Yant Flat ....

I'm addicted to this area for one it's not an easy hike in and the light is not exactly perfect for what I would like to have, but it was a nice night and didn't get back to my truck till almost 9:30 the moon was half full and helped a bit.

I have to go there with a more open mind I went their to get what others before me had gotten but it was like running around and I don't like that I just want to wander around and take photo's of what I want and that was what I did mostly cuss I couldn't find what others had found Ha!

I manged to get some fun shots I guess and was going to stay over night but forgot somethings and just packed it up and went home, will go back again I'm sure of that.

Just wonderful colors

Just as the sun was going down the light got really nice

Another one of the same shot as above

Well, it was a long hard night and I'm tired and glad I came home but sad that I didn't stick it out and go out this morning the clouds are really cool today! 

Take care 

Monday, February 15, 2016

First time in Yant Flat!

I've been wanting to go to this area since I heard about it 3 yrs ago and just haven't gone there, well yesterday changed that I got up at 4:30 in the morning had breakfast then headed out to this area. The morning was promising but and the sky popped the colors were beautiful but I missed this because I wasn't fast enough but the whole deal was to see what this area had for Photography for me.

It was hard to find the trailhead so I parked and headed out to what I thought was the area for exploration and to my surprise I found it rather easy, had my GPS and it helped me also. Was also surprised that when I got to the cliffs it was that a cliff that you had to hike down into and was not was I was expecting but wondered down anyway and started to set up when a couple of people showed up and hiked down to me and they had been here before, so since this was just a exploration for me I followed them around and got a tour of the area, fun!

Well here is just a couple of the photo's since it was rather stark lighting and not really photogenic, I just took some shots to play with on my computer ...

 Not a bad scene but the light could have been better

I loved these ribs they looked like dinosaur backbones 

Well, that's the show for now have the day off on Tues and Wed and thinking about going back to see what I can do on my own, no matter what it will be fun.

Take care 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

New lens with a new day!

I just picked up a lens that I had on my old camera it's a over 30 year old lens but what a beauty it's prefect for me now I'm covered from 14mm all the way to 70mm, gonna be a fun summer I hope.

I've got 5 or more hikes I want to take to some Southern Utah water falls hope my knee and ankle can hold up, I think they can but we will see after the first one...

Going out to a new place tomorrow to see what it's got, have heard a lot about it and the photo's online are making it look wonderful can't wait to go.

Well here is my rise and shine photo for the day.... Not a great scene but a good place to practice with this new lens

This is the same place I took the Star Trails shots from but a little higher 

Well! Have a good day I'm taking a nap in a minute... 


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Night photo star trails

I went out last night and shot some star trails and really enjoyed the night outside. I watched a sliver of a moon travel across the night sky and set, it was beautiful to watch, also watched Orion circle around me and a meteor come zooming into our atmosphere and burn up, really cool night outside.

I'm going to do that again and I'll try my best to document it and put them up here for all of us to see (which is just me) another cool thing to do...

Doesn't look that good to me here but on my computer screen .. Nice!

Can't wait for another month or so till the bushes turn green and add to these scenes they look so dead Huh!   

Well, another blab, blab, blab... 
Take care 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Etched In Time

Wandering around the State Park here in St George I found some Indian Petroglyphs and thought I'd spend a little time in a time in the past and take some photo's of it.

I love spending time outside and what better way to do it than taking photo's .... as I spent the time I found that I wondered about these and what it was like back in the old day's when this little canyon was a hunting ground or living area for these people.... so here is the Etched In Time photo ...

This was a fun day and I like how it came out since I've been hating this lens but found out that it's not the lenses fault but mine for not know as much as I think I do .... End of that story I learned that I have to sharpen a lot more aggressively and so this is the best I can do ...
Sorry about the contrails in the sky but as you know life goes on..

But then life goes on here is a photo taken the same day but at night, I went to the Red Cliff Reserve to a little area called Yellow Knolls Trailhead, didn't know much about it but wanted to take a photo of these mounds at night with startrails sooo! Here is my rendition of Startrails Yellow Knolls...

 One more photo that was fun to take

I've started to get back into taking photo's instead of pixel peeping them because now I know that my camera and lenses are good, for awhile I thought that I had a dud but not to be the only dud is the guy behind the camera and lens.... 

Take care

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Couple of new ones (Archives)

Well, digging through some of my older stuff and found a couple that worked out nicely and I want to see how they look on a computer screen along with on my phone....

I didn't like how this looked at first but now I don't mind the bright right side of this photo it looks pretty nice to me...

This little tree is just standing in a nice place and I thought it might be a nice photo but it's a little too thin of a tree but It's nice to have a little diversity on this blog.....

Well enough out of me for today and thanks again all of the people that visit Ha! Like none!


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Well! That last one was not to good Huh!

I got this filter today and it had some scratches on it and so I took it out for a test to see if it was going to show on the photo's that I would be taking with it and came to find out that the lens gets to close to the lens hood and that's what scratches the filter.... so might send it back to get my money back.

Well enough of my Luxury problems here is a shot with the filter and the lens/camera.... Ha!

So here is the Black and White version, cool huh!

So it looks Ok but not sure what I'm going to do yet! Time will tell, so thanks for hanging with me all of the people in my world ... like none Ha! I'm having fun any way...

Take care

Friday, February 5, 2016

Getting down!

I've been wanting to do some macro photo's but don't have a macro lens so used my 50mm and it's sharp as can be but I forgot a lot of what your to do when doing this kind of work with a camera, you have to be on the same plane, not tilted but straight on with the subject meaning that if there is a wall you have to be perpendicular to it same goes if its laying on the ground must be looking straight down on it (....) well not what I did anyway I took the photo and now I turned it into a B/W photo so that I could hide some of this fact.

Anyway anyone that does come here will not jump up and down over this but I like the learning that I did on this subject including the mistakes, don't know everything! Or forget a lot!

 It looks like I added grain to the photo but it's the sand and the sharping that makes it look so grainy!

You be the judge Ha!

Have a good day!

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