Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Camera New Post!

Funny I haven't posted in almost two years and now I just picked up a new camera so I'm back. I'll have to get use to writing again ... I know I'm just a rambler but that's the way I'm.

The new camera is fun its small and I'm going to use it in a photojournalist way, try to take photos that make you wonder what is going on or funny, just not doing landscapes any more ... my niece has two children that are fun to take photo's of but they move fast so have to take many to get a few.

Well, here are a few that I have taken of the children first cuss I think there cute .. and second because there my brothers grandchildren and that's cool ...

This is Ben 
Welcome to this world

Told you he was cute! One more ... 
This is Brexton 
My fav, but he's older

Brex like to wear hats like his uncle and dad do, he likes to have his picture taken but wait a few years and it might change a bit since his mother is like me and take many photos and all the time. 

Grampa and Ben 
Don't know what there looking at but that's ok!

Now it's only fair for me to post a couple of the Grama with the grandchildren don't you think? Oh! Well I do so here goes .... 

Joann, Jen, Ben and Brexton

One more 

Well that's all folks this day is about done and so I'm I. 
Take care till next time 

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