Monday, April 30, 2018

Been along time!

Been working a lot lately and haven't gotten to post here like I use to so today I'm braking that mold...

One photo to see if anyone is still visiting!

Colors are off too bad I'm heading to bed see ya!


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Circus came to town

Monday the circus came to this area, so I was interested in taking photo's of it so off I went to the circus....

So as you see the horses were a hit with this young lady! I think she got better photo's than I did.

Round and round they go it still seems crazy to do this kind of thing but they had no problems

Well that's all the photo's that I processed enjoy ....

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ghost town in Nevada (Nelson Ghost town)

This was a find I noticed this town on a youtube video, so had to go see what it was all about .....

It looks like it's popping out of the photo Huh! Some people don't like the tone of this but I did it as an experiment to see what people would say, and ya they didn't like it but so what.

Gasoline alley with the home to visit which was a shell only the outside was really there ...

This is one that shows the environment that the town was located in it's was gold mining town which had a lot of killings back in the day.

This town had many cars that looked as good as this one and the shop was a tearsure for the eye and if it was left alone it would not be looking this good because it would be stripped of everything ...

This is the front of the one above and it looks ready to do business, what you think? oil change anyone?

 They had a bunch of these old airplanes that were scattered around the town to take photo's of so here they are....

 This is a crash of drone that was in a movie that was produced here in this town.... 
Fun place to see and spend time taking photo's in... 


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Holy Cow! Another year gone bye

Boy! I've been lazy, I haven't been taking care of this blog very well, so today the 31st of the month last day of December, I'll post one to bring in the new year with.

So here goes ....

Had a fun time in Vegas but it got to me all the smokers and the pot smokers and it's everywhere you go. I wandered around the strip for a night and then the next morning did a little more at a nice place that we'll get to later.

I couldn't resist the timing of this the fire hydrant along with the woman looking at her phone and not even noticing that I was taking a photo Vegas is something.

 This shopping center was so bright that I had to tone it down and the cars were all stopped right in front of it at the time so it was a hard shot to get so there you go.

I took this photo just because of the water colors and the sky was turning color at the same time ...

I took this in memory of the Beatles and the area is really beautiful.

Ahh! The Eiffel tower, I was trying to get the reflection but the lens isn't wide enough so it's just the Eiffel tower and the lights all around .....

  This is around the MGM I think, I was just lost in my own mind thousands of people and I had my camera equipment stolen from me a couple of weeks prior to this, so nervous.

New York, New York! this is one busy area lots to do here but got to keep on moving there is so much to do and so little time, so move it.

One more of the Eiffel Tower!

This is the Cleveland brain center it's a architectural dream place besides being a brain place for kid's

 Another one 

This is not all of them that I have but don't want to bore you all since there aren't any of you that view this blog anymore. Ha! 

So the end of the year ya! Think! How's your year been? Mine was good at first bad towards the end and that makes me feel ok a bit, heart attack, camera gear stolen was the biggest things that got to me but all in all it's ok. 
Let me know how your year has been! Ok! 


Saturday, October 28, 2017

I love Zion NP (Fall Colors)

This has been a year of Zion NP for me and it's been fun, right now the colors up there are great and I have taken the opportunity to go and record some of them, so with out farther ado here are some from recent weekends.

It was a colorful year for me to be there, been waiting for the whole summer for these days.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Natures stuff

Went to Zion NP today and spent some time in the park and up in the east side of the park also, it was a nice day to be out a little cool and windy in the morning but ended up being really quite nice.

So I up on the East side I found that the leaves were turning color and it's getting pretty up there so spent some time trying my hand at taking close ups of some of the leaves, so here are the results.

Take a look closely at this photo (above) there are a lot of things going on in it! 

Well I'm not kinding the colors are popping up here in Zion NP.
Enjoy the Autumnal time of the year 


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Been away for a while again (photo time!)

Been working and playing and not on the ball as far as putting photo's up, I have many that I'll put up in the next couple of day's .... so here goes

This is the Narrow's day with an old friend.

Well, Hope you all enjoy them, it was a fine day out here and I'm going to do it again soon.


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